Dream Interpretation Angel Of Death


 The angel of death Hazrat Izrael A.S is responsible for transporting the souls of the deceased and is always considered as a mark of fear, destruction, and death. It only brings fear in one’s mind.
 Anyone who sees Izrael A.S, in his dream always wonders what it means. Here are some of the interpretations about seeing Izrael A.S in your dream.
 Important Note: There are 4 types of people with whom one should not discuss a dream. Discussing a dream with these people have a negative effect on dream interpretation.
 Seeing Izrael – the angel of death in a dream
 Seeing Izrael – the angel of death in dreams means martyrdom if he or she is encouraged by it. It also means longevity or going through unavoidable circumstances or experiencing extreme fear.
 On the other side it is also interpreted as a bad omen, it means breach of promises, separation, forgetting one’s knowledge, ignoring one prayers, hindrance of charity or alms distribution, imprisonment, opposing the rights of others, death of sick people, loses, destruction, forfeiture of properties, losing the source of livelihood, stagnation of the economy, bad crop, a tyrant ruler, bankruptcy, receding to one’s privacy and rising prices.
 Seeing Izrael – the angel of death in an angry state
 Seeing Izrael – the angel of death angry in a dream means that the dreamer will die un-repented.
 Being Izrael – the angel of death in a dream
 If any person sees himself being Izrael – the angel of death in his dream, it will sometime bring good luck for him.
 According to Ibn Sirin dream interpretation being Izrael – the angel of death in a dream means rising in status to rule and oppress others, he might become an executioner or it might also happen that some major events could take place at his hand.
 Battling with Izrael – the angel of death
 If a person sees the angle of death is battling with him in a dream or it is standing above him then the man will recover from a severe illness.
 Kissing Izrael – the angel of death
 If a person in his dream sees he is kissing Izrael – the angel of death, it means receiving an inheritance.
 The one who loves his lord
 If the person who loves to meet his God sees the angel of death in his dream, it will bring good news for him. The person will attain his goal, he will be freed from the prison, and his promises will be fulfilled.
 The unknown person representing Izrael – the angel of death
 If a common person sees anyone unknown or common person approaches near him and say something in his ears confidently the common person here represents the angel of death.
 Similarly, when a King sees the same dream that someone whispers something in his ears confidently, the commoner here stand for Izrael – the angel of death A.S and the interpretation of this dream according to Ibn Sirin is that the King may die a sudden death.
 Seeing any of the great Angels of Allah
 If a person dreams of any of the great four Angels of Allah, the Jibrael A.S, The Mikaeel A.S, The Israfeel A.S or The Izrael – the angel of death (A.S) are the signs of good news and glad tidings.
 It means plenty of rain and fertility of land, abundant risk and reduction in the prices of goods and commodities. It is also a sign that the dreamer of such dream may attain martyrdom.
 Disclaimer: The material used for the interpretation of dreams has been extracted from the book “A Concise Guide for the Interpretation of Dreams” written by Mohammad bin Sirin.