Use Self Immigration Counters At Saudi Airports


 The Saudi authorities have introduced self-immigration counters at the International King Khalid Airport of Riyadh since 2018. These 6 new KIOSK immigration machines have been placed on the right side of the old immigration counters.
 However, most of the people are hesitant to use these machines are they are not aware of the simple steps they need to follow.  So here we are with simple are easy steps that you need to carry out at the self-immigration centers at King Khalid international airport.
 Select your language
 As soon as you reach the machine, it will ask you to select a language.
 Scan passport
 You will be asked to scan your passport. Once you are done with the scanning, your flight and passport details will appear on the screen. This is because the KIOSK machines have been synced with the Airlines check-in counters.
 Take your picture
 The machine will ask you to stand straight while facing the camera so that a picture of yours be snapped.
 Scan your right hand
 Now you shall be able you scan your right hand to proceed. For kids below 5 years of age, the system won’t be requiring fingerprints.
 Receive your slip
 A slip similar to that of boarding pass will come out of the machine. Take it and you are done. The slip will be checked by the immigration officer who shall tear it to collect some of the required information.