Profession On Letter For Degree


 What should be the profession on the letter addressed to Saudi Embassy for degree attestation? My actual profession or profession on Iqama?
 Question by Visitor: I am Appu, Indian, and Mechanical Engineer, in Saudi Arabia since Jan 2014. Today I went to Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA) Jeddah. I had the so-called letter from employer stating that I am a mechanical engineer working with them so and so. I got it attested from the chamber of commerce. I took it to the respected person sitting for attestation in MOFA. He took my iqama and found out the truth that my profession is not the same as written on the letter. I know that. That’s why I am running behind this to get my degree attested so that I can change profession in iqama. In iqama, I am a painter, but I swear to god I am a mechanical engineer and I have it on my letter. I tried my luck again and went there after some time and tried with another respected person meant for this job. This time I tried to explain as much as I could with the Arabic that I learned in 6 months. He too rejected attesting it. I am confused. The Saudi embassy in India asks for this letter attested from MOFA and chamber of commerce so that they can attest my degree. Only after attesting degree I can change profession in iqama. MOFA is asking for iqama with engineering profession so that they can attest the same letter that I have to send to India and attest my degree.
 Answer by Steve: The process to attest degrees is very simple. Just go back to your employer and ask them to give you letter again stating your profession as a painter and get it attested by the Chamber of Commerce. We have listed down some important points for attestation of documents from Chamber of Commerce. I would recommend you to read them before personally visiting the chamber of commerce. I have already explained in this article that profession on the letter should be same as of your Iqama. Try it again and the result will be successful.[irp]
 Comment by Visitor: What is the use of getting a letter stating that my profession is a painter? The sample letter for degree attestation that you provided here also states profession as an engineer. If I get a letter stating my profession as a painter and take it to the Saudi embassy in India, will they attest my degree certificate? Today morning also I went there to try again. No use.
 Answer by Steve: Yes, they will do it. In that sample letter for degree attestation, my friend wanted to change his profession to an accountant. His profession on Iqama was an engineer. I hope you got your answer.[irp]
 Comment by Visitor: Today I called an agent in India regarding this matter. He told that the profession should be mentioned as an engineer to get the engineering degree attested. Also please inform me if this profession is actually mandatory to be mentioned in this letter. I have spoken this issue with my HR manager. He has assured me that he will try to get my letter attested from MOFA. I hope that he will get it for me, or else I will follow your opinion and get a letter stating that my profession is a painter and proceed with attestation. I have sent a message to the Saudi embassy in India regarding this discrepancy. Not sure if they will even read that, but still, a blind try from my side.
 Answer by Steve: Yes, your HR Manager can do it with some Wasta. But I am sure; you need to mention the current profession on the Iqama. By writing another profession on your letter, your company is giving a proof to officials that you are violating the Saudi Labor Law by not working what you are supposed to work. This is Saudi Arabia and you will have to act here as per their expectations.[irp]
 Comment by Visitor: If I managed to arrange the letter attested by MOFA, stating my profession as a mechanical engineer and send it to India for embassy attestation of my degree, will the embassy reject attesting my degree because of the profession mismatch in my iqama and this letter?
 Answer by Steve: I think they will attest it.
 Comment by Visitor: If the person is working in Saudi Arabia, then the attestation from MOFA is mandatory? Please confirm this because I inquired about this through various other channels and got the result that attestation from MOFA is required if a person has not yet reached Saudi Arabia. If he already works in Saudi, then Chamber of Commerce is enough.
 Answer by Steve: I have already explained everything in this article the process to attest degrees. Please do not ask something which has already been explained.