Medical Issues Not Covered By Medical Insurance


 The medical insurance in Saudi Arabia is a comprehensive insurance package offered to individuals so that they may not suffer from financial issues during the time of health issues. However, there are some medical issues which are not covered by medical insurance in Saudi Arabia.
 Before opting for medical insurance, one not only needs to know what aspects are covered in the insurance but also one needs to know what issues are not covered under the insurance policy. Here is the latest update on the medical issues not covered by the medical insurance in Saudi Arabia.
 List of medical issues not covered by medical insurance in Saudi Arabia
 1-An injury to one own self that was intentional.
 2-Any sort of illness resulting from the abuse of some medicines, stimulants or tranquilizers.
 3-Any sort of illness resulting from abusive use of substances.
 4-Cosmetic surgeries and treatments: unless they have crucial medical importance such as an injury that requires cosmetic surgery as the only treatment.
 5-General examinations and preventive measures not required for medical treatment. (Excluding preventive measures determined by the Ministry of Health, such as vaccination and maternity and child care.).
 6-Inoculations and drugs.
 7-Ant sort of medical treatment that was received free of cost: the insured free of charge treatments.
 8-Therapies that are for recreational nature and purposes.
 9-Treatment attained at social welfare institutions.
 10-General physical health programs.
 11-An injury or illness that has been a direct result of an insured profession.
 12-Diseases that are sexually transmitted or are termed as venereal.
 13- Diagnosing HIV, Costs of treatment of HIV, AIDS, and al their derivatives and forms.
 14-The cost of a tooth implant, dentures, fixed or movable bridges or orthodontic treatment. Such cost is covered by medical insurance if and only if they resulted from an accident.
 15-All sorts of tests for vision and hearing correction/aids. The cost would be covered by the medical insurance if and only if the physician prescribed it.
 16-The insured transportation expenses within and among the cities of KSA. However, the licensed means of transportations do not fall under this category.
 17-Treatments of hair loss and baldness such as artificial hair and hair transplants.
 18-Disorders such as psychological, mental or nervous. Only acute disorders are entertained which are exclusively covered in the policy.
 19-Any allergy test unless necessary related to prescribed medicine.
 20-All sorts of Cooperative Health Insurance Policies.
 21- Treatments for at regulating reproduction, contraception, fertility, infertility, impotence, secondary sterility, in-vitro fertilization or any other method of artificial fertilization. The policy does not cover their treatment, drugs, and equipment.
 22-Any sort of congenital weakness or deformity. Such is covered by the insurance only if it is life-threatening.
 23- All costs and expenses that are incurred during the hospitalization for a companion. The policy covers room charges and board charges for one companion, such as a mother accompanying a toddler which is deemed necessary by the physician.
 24-Treatment of acne
 25-Treatment relating to obesity or overweight, however, the covered medicines are excluded here.
 26-Marrow and organ transplants.
 27-Any treatment that is an alternative to medical procedures and medications.
 28-Artificial and prosthetic limbs. However, those which are approved by the Council would be covered by the insurance.
 29-Menstrual disorders or any natural changes related to menopause.