Certificate Attestation Procedure In India


 Degree or Certificate attestation procedure in India might become one of the most difficult tasks if you are not readily planned for it. It is a long procedure that not only calls for patience but also following the proper steps to get the work done.
 If you (an Indian national) are moving to Saudi Arabia, you need to get your certificates and documents attested following the degree and certificate attestation procedure in India as explained below. You need to get your all degrees or certificate attestation from Indian offices such as State home ministry, HRD, MEA and Saudi Embassy in India.
 Although people will tell you to hire an agent for this purpose, yet you can do it yourself as we are here with the complete degree or certificate attestation procedure in India.  There are two types of certificates that you would be required to get attested:
 Educational documents
 Personal Documents
 Educational and personal certificate attestation procedure in India
 Some of the educational documents and certificates are to be attested by the respective board/university/institute or the department.
 Once they get attested by them, they are to be attested by the HRD.
 The latest law, which has been in practice since 29th June 2007, each state’s home department and regional authentication centers are to attest the certificates.
 The certificates that get attested are to be verified by the Ministry of External Affairs.
 Then these certificates are to be handed down to Embassy or consulate for final attestation.
 Step 1: Notary Attestation
 The first and basic step is the Notary attestation. It is the step that needs to be undertaken before the attestation of the documents. In this step, the notarization assures that the document is formed to legalize the process of attestation.
 Notarization gets the documents ready so that they could get attested from the Home Department (HD), Human Resource Department (HRD), Ministry of External Affairs and the Saudi Embassy. Recommended: How to attest degrees from Pakistan?
 Step 2: State Authentication Department (HRD)
 Educational Certificates Attestation
 This step is mandatory for Educational Certificates. The new rules since 2007 have given the State’s General Administrative Departments (GAD) of respective government state from where you got the certificate to attest the documents.
 The HRD authentication centers have been established and can be found in each state as well as online.
 The GAD/HRD would issue a certificate of attestation only after the certificate’s content has been verified.
 The Administrative department for higher education shall attest all those certificates that have been issued by government schools, technical board, medical and paramedical institutions, university, etc.
 Once the process is completed, your documents are ready to go to the Saudi Embassy in New Delhi for attestation.
 If you have completed your degree from M.P, get it attested from M.P. government’s department of Higher education.
 Documents required:
 Original degree
 Photocopy of degree
 Original mark sheets of 10th and 12th grade
 Photocopy of mark sheets of 10th and 12th grade
 Original final year degree Mark sheet
 Photocopy of final year degree mark sheet
 Passport sized photograph (1)
 An affidavit that clearly states your personal and educational information along with a reason to why you need to get documents attested.
 Original passport
 All photocopies are attested from gazette officer
 You need to submit all these documents at the Higher Education Department. They will give you your degree and passport (original) back to you. The degree will be attested on the very day and you will be asked for the reason for attestation.
 Make sure that signature of Vice Chancellor and the seal on the degree is clear, otherwise your degree might as well get rejected by the Ministry hindering your certificate attestation procedure in India.
 Laminated degrees shall be uncovered before handing them to the Ministry. They might damage the degree while taking off the lamination.
 A degree that is neither in English nor Hindi shall be first translated in English and then attested by Officer at Gazette before sending it to HRD Ministry.
 For personal Documents Attestation
 It is important to get your personal documents attested. To get your personal documents attested, you need to go to the concerned Home Department (H.D). The H.D authentication is carried out by the respective states. Once the HD has attested the documents, you need to visit the Saudi Embassy to carry out further verification.
 Step 3: Attestation by the Ministry of External Affairs (MEA)
 Once you have got your documents attested from the HRD, you need to get them attested from the MEA. The process is simple and easy. It takes only a couple of hours to get the documents attested from the MEA. The time devoted for certificate attestation depends upon the location, yet the best part is anyone on your behalf can get them attested without any formalities or problems.
 Even though there is no fee charged for document attestation at MEA, you might end up giving some fee to the agent.
 It shall be noted here that MEA attestation is important and mandatory for Certificate Attestation Procedure in India for Saudi Arabia. You shall visit the MEA offices that are located in 5 cities of India: Hyderabad, New Delhi, Chennai, Kolkata, and Guwahati.
 Here is the procedure of Certificate Attestation both educational and personal at MEA.
 Get the documents authenticated
 Personal Documents: Personal documents such as Birth certificate, marriage certificate, affidavits, license to driving, etc. shall be attested by the State Home Department of the issuing State/Union territory. The attestation requires the name and designation along with the seal of officer attesting them as well as the seal of the department.
 Educational Documents: All the educational certificates shall get attested from the State Education Department of the concerned State territory. The attestation requires the name and designation along with the seal of officer attesting them as well as the seal of the department.
 Commercial Documents: Commercial documents need verification from the relevant chamber of Commerce. Then the shall be handed down to MEA, New Delhi for authentication. The authenticated documents shall have a rubber stamp from the chamber of commerce fixed on each certificate. Also, the name and designation of the signatory shall be clearly mentioned.
 Legalization of Document
 The MEA will only attest the documents after verifying the signature, seal, and stamp posted by the State Government or the Chamber of Commerce. The MEA thereby only legalizes the documents based on authentication from the State Government or the Chamber of Commerce. MEA is not responsible for content verification.
 Documents required:
 Original documents to be attested
 Copy of documents
 Copy of passport
 Step 4: Embassy Attestation
 After getting your documents attested from MEA, the attested documents are submitted at the Saudi Cultural Attaché Office, the royal embassy of KSA, New Delhi.
 An authorized travel agency shall submit your documents there for attestation. You must submit all documents here be it educational, personal or Commercial.
 The attestation might be done in days or take certain weeks.
 You need to hire an agent who has a stamp from the Saudi Embassy. You can check for an agent online or reach the Attaché office in the morning and look for an agent.
 You need to have an offer letter I case you want to pursue education or private job there. The letter shall be attested from the chamber of commerce in Saudi Arabia if you are to go for a private job. If you are hired for a government job, only show the original offer letter.
 For those going for education in Saudi Arabia shall a valid passport and attested degree from Department of higher education, Ministry of HRD India and MEA India 
 Documents required:
 Original Degree certificate
 Offer letter (original and attested)
 Passport (original and copy)
 Copy of iqama if already working in KSA
 Visa Copy
 The authorized letter or a 10 Rs stamped Affidavit