Jeddah Police Arrests Mixed Party Goers For Drinking Alcohol


 Mixed gathering parties and alcohol is strictly forbidden in Saudi Arabia. However, the viral footage that has been making rounds on social media shows that a party was hosted in Jeddah where men and women were seen partying there and taking alcohol shots.
 Suadi Police became active after the video went viral. There was no doubt that the video had been filmed inside the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia as one can clearly spot the Jeddah flagpole from one of the windows. The Jeddah flagpole, which is the country‚Äôs landmark, is the longest flagpole in the world!
 How did Jeddah police catch them?
 Police claim that it was the flagpole that made them believe that the video was filmed inside the Kingdom and made things easier for them. The video has been viral on social media for a week.
 In fact, they used the direction from the flagpole and the angle in which the video was filmed to track the location of the place where the party took place.
 According to the latest updates, the police has been successful in identifying the people. A special task force was set to identify the people who had broken one of the vital laws of Saudi Arabia. The task force was able to identify most of the individuals seen partying and socializing together.
 The main suspects have been arrested
 The local reports claim that the main suspect, who is a Jordanian national has been arrested. He has declared that he was the host of the party. He was trying to flee from Saudi Arabia, yet the police were able to arrest him on time. Three females, who are Lebanon nations, have also been arrested and are under investigation.
 Now, the case has been forwarded to the Bureau of Investigation and Prosecution. The Bureau is to decide whether to levy a charge on these individuals or not!
 On the other hand, the police are still hunching for the rest of the people seen in the video. It is likely that all will be punished severely.
 Saudi Arabia is the only Islamic state of the world where the participating in a mixed party and drinking/buying alcohol is served with severe punishment. In other Islamic states, this is either not prohibited or is restricted for Muslims only.
 This is not the first time that non-Muslim foreigners have been arrested for breaking the social norms of the country. Last year 74 years old British national was severed with 1 year of imprisonment over drinking homemade alcohol.
 Source: Independent UK