Check Car Number Plate In Saudi Arabia


 If you have been living in Saudi Arabia and want to check the number of cars and their number plates registered under your iqama, you can do it very easily. Why do we need this information? Well, there could be several instances when you need this kind of information.
 How to check car number plate in Saudi Arabia?
 Register for MOI Account
 You need an online account in the Ministry of Interior. If you don’t have an online account (Abshir account), you can create it using the instruction given in this link – Register for MOI Account
 Log in to your MOI Account
 If you already have an account with MOI, you need to login to check car number plate in Saudi Arabia. The procedure to log in to MOI has been changed significantly. The new procedure is explained in this link “Process to log in to MOI (Abshir) account”
 Once you are logged into the MOI account, the next step to check car number plate in Saudi Arabia is to click on “E-Services” tab given above.
 After that on the left-hand side, search for “Traffic” tab and click here. A drop-down list will appear from which you will have to select “Vehicle Services”.
 As soon as you will click vehicle services, your vehicle details will appear there. Here you can check the car number plate in Saudi Arabia on the left side of the screen. You can also take help from the screenshot given below.
 The only problem here is that the number plate is mentioned in Arabic alphabet only. We tried to find out a way to check the number plate in English alphabets but in vain. If you know a way to check the car number plate online with English alphabets, please drop a comment below.
 Sometimes it happens that the number plate you are using on your vehicle is broken and you have to change it. It is very important to change a broken number plate because if any digit or alphabet is missing, you will be charged with a fine of SR 2,000. Recommended: How to change a number plate in Saudi Arabia?
 The number plate on your car must be either white, blue or yellow. Ever wondered what is the meaning of these colors? We have already published a detailed article on the types of car number plates in Saudi Arabia. Recommended: What are the types of number plates in Saudi Arabia?