3 Saudi Nationals Executed For Killing 5 Indian Workers In Qatif Saudi Arabia


 Three Saudi nationals namely, Jassem Bin Jassim Bin Hassan Al-Mutawa, Ammar Bin Yusri Bin Ali Al-Dahim, and Murtada Bin Hashim Bin Mohammed Al-Musawi were found guilty of killing five Indian workers namely Fadvila Selim, Shajhan Abu Bakr, Akbar Hussein Bashir, Sheikh Daoud, and Lasir Amir Asafa Tam.
 Dead Bodies of the Indian Workers: In 2010, the dead bodies of these five Indian workers were buried in a farm located at Safwa which is near Qatif. According to the news in 2014, A Saudi national named Ali Habi took this isolated farm on a rental basis. He was digging it up to set up the irrigational system when he found bones.
 One first thought he never imagined that they would belong to humans. He was of the view that it would be of a wild animal such as a dog. Yet he soon realized that they belonged to humans. He immediately informed the police who started the investigation.
 They were buried alive: Not one or two, but five skeletons were unearthed from the very place. The police found that the bodies’ hands and feet were tied up by the rope and their mouths were filled with cotton and sealed by duct tape. It was a clear murder case!
 The police were able to identify these five expat workers through their iqamas that were buried along with them and a gold ring which belonged to one of them. Their few belongings such as their clothes were also buried with them.
 The investigations and searches allowed police to track down the killers. The main killer or the mastermind of the brutal murder was Fadvila Selim. He was accompanied by his two friends. They were themselves drunk and gave pills in the drink to play foul with the five men.
 Sexual Harassment case: According to the statements of one of the man, he and his friend were driving when they received a call from their friend. They were called at the farm and they reached there. The men told that they were under influence of alcohol and drugs before they reached the farm.
 They reached the farm at about 10 at night and saw 5 men tied at the seating place. The friends asked their host that why were these men were tied up. Their friend told that one of these men had sexually harassed his sponsor’s daughter and some other women. So as a punishment all 5 were tied up.
 All 3 Saudis have been executed: The five men were then tied and beaten. They were then strangled to death and buried in the nearby isolated farm.
 Their valuables such as money and mobile phones were also stolen by brutal killers. The three culprits of the case were charged with drinking liquor, smoking cannabis, murder, and theft. A death sentence has been given to them by the court of Qatif governorate.
 Source: Saudi Gazette