A Saudi Gets 40 Lashes As Punishment For Abusing His Ex Wife On Whatsapp


 A Saudi man went on to to abuse his ex-wife. It is reported that the ex-husband had sent almost 600 messages whose content was abusive. The messages tend to harm the honor and modesty of the victim. The language used in the messages was dirty and highly abusive.
 The two had already departed ways yet they still have a conflict over the custody of their three children. The rights of custody was the matter that provoked a fight among the two and the ex-husband went on to abuse the woman via messages.
 The case was taken to the court by the woman and the court thereby sentenced the ex-husband with a punishment of 40 lashes. The court also gave the ex-wife an option to attend the punishment. The man is to receive 40 lashes at once on different body parts.
 The court of Appeals in Jeddah upheld the decision and the man is now to receive 40 lashes for sending unethical and abusive messages to his ex-wife. The man’s name and age have not been disclosed yet it is known that he is a Saudi national.
 The court tried its best to uphold their relationship. Their case was referred to the reconciliation committee thrice, but none agreed to continue their life with each other. Now both are fighting for their children’s custody.
 The court has now also made the man sign an apology letter and take a vow of not misbehaving with his ex-wife. The ex-husband should not abuse his wife through his actions or words. He should not pose any harm to her modesty and shall not use dirty language against her.
 The Punishment is a milestone: Talking to the public, the Lawyer Nijoud Addawi, said that such a punishment is a milestone. It shall give a lesson to all husbands and wives out there to behave with each other. They shall not use social media to victimize each other.
 Also, people need to become mature. When they separate their paths with each other they shall act maturely and not harm each other through words and action. Ex-couples tend to breach of public and private rights using social media. Such an action would cause them to face fines and imprisonment.
 The wife will witness the punishment: She also said that allowing the ex-wife to witness the punishment of his abuser is likewise honoring women. Such a punishment is an eye-opener for all couples out there. They shall learn to respect each other.
 Source: Saudi Gazette