How To Recharge Stc Sawa Card Through Code

 People use different ways to recharge an STC (Sawa) card for the main account or the internet account, but the most used method is through the STC (Sawa) Recharge code. In this article, we have explained 4 different ways to recharge your balance.
 How to recharge an STC (Sawa) Card?
 If you want to recharge your STC (Sawa) card in Saudi Arabia, there are 4 ways to do it which have been explained below.
 STC (Sawa) Recharge Code
 The first and the easiest way to recharge STC (Sawa) card is to dial the STC (Sawa) recharge code and your balance will be immediately updated. Dial *155*Recharge-number# from your mobile and the STC (Sawa) card will be recharged in no time. In other words, *155# is the STC (Sawa) recharge code. For example: *155*1234567890#
 STC (Sawa) Recharge through Applications
 The second way to recharge STC (Sawa) card is to install STC (Sawa) Application in your mobile through the STC (Sawa) application on PlayStore or the STC (Sawa) application on iTunes. Here you have the option to recharge your STC (Sawa) line by paying through credit card or Mada debit card. Recommended: How to check STC (Sawa) Balance?
 STC (Sawa) Recharge through Helpline
 The third way to recharge STC (Sawa) card is to call their helpline at 1100 and follow the instructions there. Once required, you need to enter the STC (Sawa) card number there.
 STC (Sawa) Recharge through SADAD
 The fourth option to recharge the STC (Sawa) Card is through the SADAD system. Most of the STC postpaid bills are paid through SADAD.
 You can also recharge your STC (Sawa) prepaid line through SADAD by selecting Telecom and Internet in the main category and STC (Sawa) Prepaid in the service provider. Enter your mobile number and it will be activated in your SADAD account.
 Is there a way to recharge the STC (Sawa) Internet?
 People often ask if there is a way to recharge STC (Sawa) Internet package or account, they also search for the STC (Sawa) net charge code.
 Well, there is no separate way to recharge your internet balance. After recharging your main account through STC (Sawa) Recharge code or any other way specified above, you can subscribe for an internet package.
 Can I pay the STC postpaid bill through STC Recharge Card?
 If you are an STC postpaid customer, you don’t have many options to pay your bills. Unfortunately, you cannot recharge the STC (Sawa) card to pay off your STC Postpaid bills. Although there are several STC Postpaid packages available on their website, I prefer STC (Sawa) Prepaid packages over them.