Why Are Some Plane Crash Victims Found Without Clothes

 Have you ever noticed or heard that the plane crash victims were found without clothes? Yes, sometimes, the plane crash victims are stripped off! You must be wondering why does it happen? Let me clarify that it does not happen every time a plane crashes as sometimes the victims are found with their clothes on.
 Why are some plane crash victims found without clothes?
 Well, when the passengers of the plane crash are found without clothes, it only indicates that the passenger cabin had broken during the crash allowing for a mid-air break-up. In such a situation the clothes get shredded by the slipstream.
 This was the case during the plane crash of the COPA airlines flight 201. Its passenger cabin got broken due to which the mid-air break-up was observed. The passengers fell off without clothes over a radius of 10km from break up.
 Why are they not stripped off?
 However, in many cases, we have also seen that the clothes of the plane crash victims were enacted. There have been instances when the plane was crashed into pieces!  This is just because there was no mid-air break-up before the plane crashed into the ground.
 If you do remember the plane crash of November 2016 whose victims were the Chapecoense football team members: the victims were seen with their clothes on!  This is because on mid-air break-up took place.